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Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Impact on Children

The ephemeral nature of glory and its inherent vulnerability to the wrath of time is a universal theme that pervades all aspects of history and civilisation. Ultimate truth transcends temporal boundaries and can only be perceived over time, accompanied by an ironic deconstruction of political grandeur. The failure to internalise the concept of political sovereignty's impermanence is aptly intertwined with an ironic disregard for impending annihilation in "Ozymandias." Arrogance is then portrayed as an ignorant way of reasoning, fueling a false sense of accomplishment that breeds hatred and antagonism, with brutal leaders ultimately condemned for their actions. Following recent historical and political events, there are only parallels to be drawn between Ozymandias' sense of entitlement and modern ruthless examples of power. Revisiting the poem and interpreting it through a modern lens can serve as a reminder of how fragile things are. As a result, "Ozymandias" becomes a breeding ground for the comforting idealistic notion that the current period of oppression will inevitably be overturned by a power ensuring bliss and respect for all.

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